About Me

Hi!  I’m Mollie, the owner and maker behind Mollie’s Custom Creations. 

I am a mom of 2 little ones, happily married, and a lifelong resident of North Dakota.  I’ve had a love for art and design since I was a child.

Over the past 3+ decades I’ve dabbled with all forms of art: drawing, graphic design, web design & development, painting, interior design, screen printing, etc.   I’ve spent time dabbling or trying to master so many forms of art…. except for pottery and welding (which I hope to try one day), but it wasn’t until I got laid off due to Covid-19 that I made the tough decision to turn my hobby into my full time job.  This was necessary so I can support my family during those uncertain times.   

I invested in a new tool I’ve never tried before (a laser cutter / engraver) and took the leap to not only learn a new tool, new processes, but also learned how to start up a small business. Since starting in 2020, I have added a second (and larger) laser in 2023 and a laser rotary tool in 2024 (to engrave tumblers). 

I am a one-woman show. Ordering supplies/materials, sanding, painting, designing laser files, assembly, packaging/shipping, marketing, etc, etc, etc. So when I say I TRULY appreciate every order, every Facebook post like, share, and comment, I mean it!  I am looking forward to growing even more and creating so many amazing things for you! 

If you haven't done so already, PLEASE like/follow my Facebook business page.  EVERY comment on a post and/or share helps me reach more people!  Interacting on a post is a free and easy way to support small businesses! 

Thank you for your support!